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What is social media doing to us?

Is it true that:

We’re becoming dumber. 
We get bored more easily. 
We can’t focus or handle stress. 
We are less satisfied. 
We are becoming more partisan. 

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Pinterest is quickly becoming the fastest-growing social media site based on its huge popularity with women, as well as its unlimited potential as a marketing tool for businesses. MDG Advertising has produced an engaging video highlighting the facts, figures, and findings from its popular “Pin It To Win It” infographic.

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A little over two years ago Conan O’Brien didn’t know if he would be hosting another late night talk show again.

Today, thanks in major part to a masterful use of social media, Conan (and Team Coco) is not only back on TV, but he’s also expanded his reach into the digital space. 

By using all of the major social networks, and posting different and unique content on each, Team Coco has created an environment that has allowed fans to interact with the brand in multiple ways.

So, head over to the The Verge for a piece on Conan talking about the relationship between his audience social media.

C & A displays Facebook fashion likes

When you go shopping for fashion, it’s always good to get a second opinion. Now what about if you could get the opinion of thousands of Facebook users, instantaneously and clearly visible in the shop, right there on the hanger? Would that sway your decision? DM9/DDB equipped a C&A store in Sao Paolo with special hangers that show in real time the “Likes” each piece of clothing has received.

This case study is currently only available in Portuguese (which adds a bit of velvety smoothness). Maybe our Brazilian editor Ziggy can help out with the translation?

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The shadow QR code - let the sun help you

Here comes a new integrated campaign made in South Korea that uses mobile to drive retail and e-tailing sales. Don’t give me the stink eye just because you saw QR code in the title of the post. Read on. The idea is pretty smart, and not too geeky, considering the popularity of QR codes in the country.

Emart is the Walmart of Korea. Their business is obviously huge, but they had a problem generating sales from 12 to 1 pm. So they came up with the idea of giving people a unique shopping experience only during lunch hours. A shadow QR code, that naturally works only from 12pm to 1 pm. Once scanned, the code activated the Sunny Sale promotion, offering discounts and a $12 coupon to be used on Emart’s mobile commerce website or in the its stores.

As usual, the campaign makes more sense when you see the results: 12K coupons were issued during the promotion, new Emart membership increased by 58% and in-store sales increased by 25% during lunch hour.

The agency is Cheil Worldwide, the guys behind Dunkin’ Donuts Flavor Radio and the Tesco subway virtual store.

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